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about us


The Spirit in the Sky envisions a bright future with involvement in positive change and enlightenment for all. The Spirit in the Sky needs to clearly and publicly position itself to reflect our work and values to ensure the community understands and knows our work. The Spirit in the Sky's inspiration and values derive from helping people and resolving community & environmental issues. These values enriched and shared by many people will continue to provide a focus for our work. As a result based organization our vision is to be the first place people would turn to for effective results in sourcing support for community projects.

We envision raising community involvement in creating positive change on earth with the aim of expanding to a much more powerful level, helping a multitude of businesses, people and causes all around the globe. Spirit in the Sky will have a noticeable impact on people, animals, environmental and community issues and uphold a reputation for enabling others to reach their highest possible standards.

As the Spirit in the Sky strives on the path of becoming a name respected for its positive impacts on the business community, we envision becoming a leader by example. Our efforts will encourage and empower others to act in a manner beneficial to their community and environment.


The Spirit in the sky's mission statement is:

"To effect as many positive changes to businesses, people, communities and the environment as we possibly can"

As we have concluded on our plan of attack to achieve this mission, there are several factors we want to focus on throughout the course of our Journey:

Spirit in the Sky's Operating Principles

1) Continue to create programs that are ongoing and that build a highly structured platform for people and organizations to coordinate any effort that aids the community and environment.

2) To work for what we believe to be in the business sector's best interests and to at all times endeavor to promote positive change whilst hopefully empowering like minded others to do the same.

3) To be constantly re-evaluating and improving on our system of results. We aim to be increasing the positive impact we have on the corporate sector to further entice there involvement.

4) Share knowledge and coordinate our services to constantly increase our ongoing support for businesses and organisations that want to enhance the social and environmental aspects of communities.

5) Undertake all collaborative projects on relevant community and environmental funding issues. We focus on the neediest projects while providing the best possible service to the corporate sector, delivering funding to people or organisations in crisis or in urgent need of assistance.

6) Aim to prevent further damage to future generations, our environment and all its creatures. To promote knowledge and teach by example that individuals can make positive impacts on our community and be well rewarded for doing so.

7) Endeavor to recognize and restore balance to as many vital and distressing issues currently in the community and seek strategies to assist in conjunction with other organisations, including government departments, to be part of the solution while further enabling others to be involved.

8) Aim to engage the highest quality staff and be proactive in finding staff members who are passionate about producing positive change in their local community and environment.

These are the parameters of the mission the Spirit in the Sky has taken on. We hope the journey will be fun, interesting, rewarding, challenging, successful and profitable. We can only grow as people and professionals facing the issues our community and environment face. We welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone who would like to join this or any other mission. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We are excited and honored to be on such a mission and value the company of like minded individuals.




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