Spirit In The Sky
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The Spirit in the Sky will evolve to be a globally recognized name assisting a multitude of businesses, people, communities and environmental issues.

In order to constantly increase the number of people we are able to help we will have to continue increasing our capability and influence as a business. The most effective way to do this is to demonstrate our results to the business community. As society becomes increasing aware of our positive achievements within the community our credibility to the corporate sector will strengthen and we will be in a favorable position to do our work, help the people.

In order to have this effect we aim to be constantly increasing the scope and caliber of our projects. This combined with the level of involvement our work will have with the media will create a situation ideal for us to seek more resources and support. With this continual effect we will reach a stage where ultimately we are able to help people currently beyond the reach of aid and promote organisations to an unmatchable extent than previously thought possible.


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