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about us


The Spirit in the Sky is a consultancy firm that specializes in funding for community and environmental projects.

The business consists of three main functions. These include: consultancy, marketing and community projects. The Spirit in the Sky acts as a consultancy to individuals and organisations in search of support for projects that will benefit the community or environment. We also act as a marketing firm to any individual or organisation enabling the community projects to proceed. As well we will act as a tireless campaigner for the bettering of the community as a whole.

The Sprit in the Sky endeavors to work on projects that result in the greatest positive benefit for local communities and the environment. This is achieved by connecting funding from business sponsorship to local community and environmental projects that have registered their need with the Spirit in the Sky. It is therefore vital that we are aware of a variety of social and environmental funding needs - the more we know about the more we can help! Register Now

The Spirit in the Sky is able to develop strategies that can support a variety of ideas and concepts. We aim to promote a greater quality of life to the people and environment in local communities.
The Sprit in the Sky can help people and organizations that require urgent and pressing funding support. We deliver crucial services to people and issues within the local community and aspire to have a fundamentally positive effect on people's lives.

The community and environmental projects that we support are designed to;
- Increase the quality of peoples lives
- Empower those at a disadvantage
- Provide aid for those in need
- Protect and regenerate the environment
- Any other causes that we believe will have a positive impact on the community.

The Sprit in the Sky has created a system that is socially and economically beneficial for all parties involved. The Spirit in the Sky is not a charity organization and therefore does not ask for donations. Organizations and businesses that choose to sponsor community and environmentally based projects will benefit from their involvement through an effective marketing campaign which enhances their public image.

The Sprit in the Sky system is designed to cater for the needs of those behind the community project and the sponsoring organization. Both parties need to benefit from an arrangement and that's what we ensure through committed research, consultation, and diligence to see both the success of the project & promotion of the sponsor's image to the community.

The Spirit in the Sky is constantly re-evaluating the way we do things, finding new ways of engaging the business sector in meaningful service. The final test of our success is whether, individually or as an agency, we have made things better for the community and environment as a whole.

The Spirit in the Sky is in a position to help:
- Individual people
- The local community
- Any business that services the local community
- The government body for the local community
- Any organization with a viable cause for funding

You can help Spirit in the Sky by sponsoring projects.

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