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Our service revolves around two main focuses. Using various techniques to gain support for any person or organization to better the community or environment we live in and create ways to benefit the organisations that sponsor them.


While the Australian economy has been strong, competition for community funding is intense and growing. Individual funding and corporate funding is harder to achieve. We specialize in the knowledge and expertise to secure this support. This is a timely and costly process as the vast majority of the organisations we will contact and consult with will reject our request and it is through skill, knowledge, experience and persistence with the task that we find success. Often we will have to source funding from multiple sponsors for one project.

We use an extensive network of contacts to find sponsors and can quickly determine the likelihood of obtaining sponsorship. Many hours will be saved by having an experienced professional consult on the behalf of a project.


Here there are many courses of action we can take to ensure the funds have been allocated correctly and the sponsoring individuals or organisations have been promoted effectively. We specialize in seeking many avenues to create awareness within the society about the sponsor and their contribution to a project.

We endeavor to ensure the sponsoring party is praised within the community for there efforts and that the process benefits them to the greatest extent possible. We have many avenues we can take to heightening the positive impact on the sponsors so it becomes a win/win situation! The more effective we become at this focus, the more support we will be able to secure and the more businesses we will be able to assist.


Sponsoring organisations will have the service of being promoted as the "community minded" organisations they are and the added benefit of having a professional consultant identify and monitor the process ensuring the projects they fund are completed at a reasonable cost and resources are distributed efficiently.


Individuals and organisations in need of extra support/funding to effectively benefit the community will receive the service of a professional consultant to assist with sourcing the support/funding they require to complete their community project.


The community will have the service of the Spirit in the Sky completing community projects that will affect their lives in a positive way. Also they will have the benefit of having an organization to turn to in order to resolve community issues.


The spirit in the sky is committed to enabling as many projects relating to the conservation of the environment as possible. We will focus on clean water, animal welfare, pollution reduction and restoration.



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