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To the Spirit in the Sky a project can be any event, specific once off goal, ongoing campaign or otherwise venture with the intention of raising the quality of life, enabling the disadvantaged, bettering the local community or environment to a viable extent.

Thank you to everybody involved in all of our current projects and campaigns for your support to this community.

In today's society there is a growing appreciation for those who act out of desire to better the community or environment in which they live. Having more and more corporate support is heightening the affects of these spirited individuals in turn creating a larger impact on the community. We hear so many wonderful stories of individuals acting out of good nature eager to better the community in which they live and we exist to aid these passionate people in every way we can. We also hope that these people's efforts along with our own will encourage more people to join in and better our community.

Knowing that you've acted purely from the desire within yourself to accomplish a task that you believe will help others and succeeding in your goal, is the best character building known to man kind. There are various levels of involvement one can undertake to suit their situation as long as they are a part of the collaborative effort they have done their part in achieving an almost impossible task for a single person.

We have set up to cater to all scales of projects from individual efforts right through to large marketing campaigns. We deal with individuals and organisations alike.

If you have a suggestion for a project that will better the community don't be surprised if we are able to assist you. So please don't hesitate to run your ideas past us as we might just have the answer or support you're seeking to make your thought a reality.

Current projects:

How to apply for projects:
Anybody wanting to apply for a project online can easily to so by following the instructions on our project application forms

Anybody with questions regarding projects, applications for support, what is involved, Average length of time, Conditions, applying online, what we can do, Who can apply or any other matter should forward there queries to us by following the contact us link.



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