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Do you have any Urgent or Pressing need for funding that will benefit the community, people within the community or environment, small or large?

Are you an individual or organisation with a desire to increase your public appeal, get involved in an effective marketing campaign and have a positive effect on your community?

Spirit in the Sky was created to assist businesses to raise there corporate appeal to the very consumers they rely on while completing community and environmental projects.

We use our consulting, resources and knowledge to improve the future of the community, community organizations, animal welfare and environmental issues. We use our marketing, experience and professionalism to promote community minded businesses. We are committed to strengthening the agency, our people and practices to undertake these tasks.

Spirit in the Sky pro-actively seeks (support/funding) for organisations that have a justifiable project that will positively affect the community. If you are spirited to make a positive change we will support your effort!!

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