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There is no better way to reach your target market than being involved in enhancing the local community and having a positive effect on the quality of life in that area.

Thank you to all our current sponsors, volunteers and supporters for enabling the betterment of this community.

There is an increasing awareness in the business community that corporate responsibility should reach beyond the economic profile of that business. This growing awareness of social and environmental responsibility has resulted in increased funding and support for social and environmental projects. The funding of social and environmental projects by large organizations has been positively received by both the community and employees who have observed and reciprocated these gifts of generosity.

The process of sponsorship for social and environmental projects can be conducted to benefit both business and communities by the professional team at Spirit in the Sky to create a win/win situation for all parties involved. We have a range of options from which we can tailor a plan to maximize the impact of your sponsorship.

The Spirit in the Sky is a new organization that is focused on the well being of local business and sponsoring organisations. We are a "results based" organisation that prides our self on the ability to connect funding to projects and truly make a positive impact on the business, its corporate profile and ultimately increase there revenues.


Promotion from Spirit in the Sky enables your company to uphold a positive image to the people that matter, the local community. It's also the best possible way for you to demonstrate your commitment to the community and any environmental issues within the area you operate. Our system is designed to give your sponsorship maximum exposure to the communities that are benefiting from it. It's an excellent way to attract very positive media attention. This is the most rewarding marketing you will ever invest in!

Many sponsors choose to negotiate an additional marketing campaign to further increase the impact of the promotion. However, we generally find many beneficial forms of marketing at no cost to the sponsor.


Employees that are employed in a socially and environmentally aware company often feel as though they too are part of an ongoing solution. This feeling of empowerment ultimately leads to improvements in staff morale, teamwork and job satisfaction as well as employee retention.

Here are some helpful hints that we have learnt from our proven experience to increase the positive effects on staff members:

Tip no. 1 - If it has not already been decided on which "cause" your organisation will be sponsoring, then create staff involvement. The chances are you will have members on the team who feel strongly on certain issues and therefore motivate them to a greater extent.

Tip no. 2 - Implement a bonus scheme where by if your staff achieves a certain goal then the sponsorship will go ahead. This will give them a completely new level of motivation to work with and will really make them feel part of the solution.

Tip no. 3 - When promoting your company's community and environmental awareness to the community; remember to include the staff in the praise.

Tip no. 4 - Have an event to celebrate when the project is complete, even if it is just a morning tea and a thank you to all speech. It is here that some team members feel their morale lift.


In almost every scenario all funds sponsored to the community and environmental projects spearheaded by the Spirit in the Sky are tax deductible. When considering the tax deduction combined with the media exposure resulting from sponsorship and public support, why not lessen your tax while increasing your profile? Both can be achieved by spending your marketing budget on sponsoring a Spirit in the Sky project.
If sponsoring a project is tax deductible and can result in a reduction of the marketing budget of your company as well as having a fundamentally positive public response, it makes sense to get your organisation involved!


Previous sponsors feel the reward one receives when enabling a community project can not always be measured in words. These sponsors also have a deeper feeling of accomplishment and capability as a priceless sensation that few of us have the luxury of achieving. It seems that when giving back to your local community or environment a profound effect is had on the sub-conscious mind, altering the person's perception of there community to one they have the ability to constantly improve. This creates a realisation that you have the power to make these decisions which effect important issues and that you are able to act in a manner that will have a significant positive effect.


Generally the greatest impact occurs when the project that is sponsored is currently attracting the interest of the community and media within your area. However the Spirit in the Sky offers many different opportunities for sponsorship, you can choose to sponsor many aspects of your own community or environment from the projects we are currently seeking sponsorship for. If you have an idea, feel strongly on a specific issue or would like to join the solution for a certain cause then let us at Spirit in the Sky know and we will discuss your involvement.

Here are some suggestions:
Respect Campaign, Farmers, Animal Welfare, Hospital Equipment, Aged Care, Child Services, Homeless People, Education, Drug Rehabilitation, Environmental, Pollution, quality of life, disadvantaged people.


Spirit in the Sky can only deliver the benefits to the community and environment with the goodwill, cooperation and ultimately sponsorship from people such as you. It will touch the lives of many people when you choose to get behind one of our community projects. It's easy for your organisation or your community group to get involved and have a beneficial and rewarding experience. Just click on this link to contact us and we will arrange a time for one of our friendly professional consultants to discuss how you can make a change today.

So come on what are you waiting for, be a part of bettering our community!



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